Road Construction at Ashland

STOP and read this if you drive through Ashland when you come to Mohican/Loudonville area.

If you are driving to the Loudonville area anytime this summer and you are driving in from the North driving through Ashland, you may want to rethink your route!!!

At the junction of 250 and 42 at Bob Evans Restaurant they are closing the road starting June 1.

Our suggestion is from I-71 from the north get off at Exit 204 – Burbank – St Rt 83.

Take St Rt 83 south to Wooster.  In Wooster take St Rt 3 south into Loudonville.  This will bring you out by the Marathon Station in Loudonville

Continue following St Rt 3 through Loudonville to Wally Road.  Wally Road is located directly across from Little Brown Inn on St Rt 3.  Turn left on to Wally Road and we are 4 miles down on the left right after the big steel bridge.

DO NOT USE GPS with our Physical Address.  It will take you on back roads that you will not want to drive on, especially if you are pulling a camper.

We are trying to keep you out of the congestion that Ashland is going to have with their road project.  If you have any questions at all PLEASE CALL!


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It is November!!!!


It seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that I wrote about the cows floating down the river and now here I am writing about the season being over.

WOW where did this summer go…….

To see where the summer went I decided to go back through our Facebook page and see what I had posted.

20th anniversary year – April

Cows swimming down the river – May

Top ten things to do while staying at Smith’s – May/June

Beautiful weather, High water no canoeing, low water-canoeing, Rain, fun at the campground despite the rain, zip line fun all summer long  – June

Rain, Fishing, Floods, high water, no canoeing most of July, beautiful weather, a wedding the day after the flood,  THINGS to Do in the area when the river is closed,  Camping fun despite the weather – end of month finally river fun – July

Finally river fun and nice weather – AUGUST

Fishing, more OHIO fun pictures, beautiful weather – September

Fall colors, beautiful weather, chili cookoff/trick or treat, campground closes – October

What a great season!  Loved going back through the pictures and seeing all the great people who stayed with us this year!

Thank you!

  IMG_20131103_120559_635 IMG_20131103_120641_993

Always know the path you are going down because you never know where it might take you…

Cows in the River

Cows in the River

Anyone who has ever camped here especially in the middle of the campground, sites 18-33, you know that the hill goes straight up on the opposite of the river, so how in the world did 12 cows make it down the hill tumbling into the river, only to float away.  No one will ever know!

Scott (the wonderful son-in-law!) was working in the grounds when he heard a noise.  A strange noise like something large was coming down the hill.  At first he thought the deer were crossing the river or maybe Big Foot was finally going to show himself here or maybe it is the spirit that has been chasing Luke (the helper bee) around the campground the last couple of weeks.

Nope it was 12 cows plunk plunk plunk into the river.

In case a missing cow report had been filed, Scott called the Holmes County Sheriff’s Department to report that 12 cows were swimming down the Mohican River. The river was alittle bit on the high side and the cows didn’t even have on their life jackets!  The Sheriff’s Department asked Scott if he knew whose cows they were.  No, Scott said, that is why he was calling the Sheriff’s Department.  He called a farmer who lives a few miles away from here on top of the hill  but got no answer.  So the mystery of the cows continued until today when Scott finally told me the cow story and I said well we have to post this to Facebook to see if anyone knows where the cows came from.

Social Media is a crazy thing.  As I am writing this blog, the video was posted to Facebook.  It was liked and shared multiple times in a matter of a couple of hours and the mystery of the cows is slowing unraveling.  We still do not know who the cows belong to, but from what we understand they were rounded up and are safe.

My sister’s dog ran away a couple years ago and through the power of Facebook the dog was found.

Lost cows, lost pets, lost people the power of social media is unreal!  Social Media is the quickest way to get the word out.  Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts and Missing Person alerts I hope that anyone who is in that situation posts there first because it is crazy how quick a post can become viral.

As I get more information about the cows I will keep you posted.  Maybe I can get an interview with the lead cow as to why it led it’s herd down that path.

The moral to this story always know the path you are going down because you never know where it might take you!

20 years of trees…..

Our 20th spring here at the campground! As the trees have started blooming I look at the trees and think back to what I saw 20 years ago. A score! (I mean a score as in 20 years).  Enjoy the pictures.  These were taken on May 1.

The best friend of earth of man is the tree.

When we use the tree respectfully and economically,

we have one of the greatest resources on the earth.”

— Frank Lloyd Wright

2013-05-01 18.45.30

2013-05-01 18.38.58

2013-05-01 18.42.522013-05-01 18.36.04

 2013-05-01 18.57.40  2013-05-01 18.41.46

Spring HAS Sprung!!!!

Monday was one of those wonderful Ohio spring days.  The high was about 62.  Just cool enough that I needed a jacket but warm when you were in the sun!

The grass is growing before my eyes

The grass is growing before my eyes

I think the grass was growing right before my eyes, so I jumped on the Kubota and started mowing.  That is Keoni and I were mowing. If you do not know who Keoni is, he is my mouthy 2.5# Chihuahua that rides around in my shirt.

George just cringes when I mow because that is my thinking time and today was no different.  I wasn’t even on the mower an hour when the poor stump grinding guy – got the Amy has an idea!!!

Amy & Keoni mowing!

Amy & Keoni mowing! You can barely see his head sticking out of my jacket!

For 20 years we have cut trees down or the wind blew them down for us, but we never did any stump grinding.  So our wonderful contractor Steve Shriver (wonderful because he has remodeled the SPA and has endured me changing my mind on a few things!) recommend Seth McFadden to grind some stumps that needed removed before we pour the new concrete pads for the seasonal sites.

McFadden Stump Grinding - 567-203-7565

McFadden Stump Grinding – 567-203-7565

McFadden Stump Grinding – 567-203-7565 came in last week to quote to George the stumps that George wanted removed.  Well of course George just mentioned it in passing to me that Seth was coming today.   So bless his heart, Seth came in here today thinking he only had about a half days worth of work but what George didn’t think about was that the weather was nice, I came out of hibernation, me getting on the mower today and thinking about stumps.  So Seth spent the day here, cutting down trees and grinding more stumps.  What a nice young man with a wicked stump grinder!  I have more stumps that I think need to go but the Kubota will be happy with the ones that he took out today.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

And it is gone!

And it is gone!

I had lunch today at Trails End Pizza. While I was eating, I was checking out Facebook and what did I read but Mohican Adventures posted that they were sending rafts today, adults only but hoping by the weekend the mighty Mohican might be back to normal.  No way anyone was going to go rafting today, I thought.  But as I was mowing look at what when by me – a raft with some daring young souls.

Rafting on the Mohican River

Rafting on the Mohican River

They seemed to be having fun!  But I guess my old age is creeping in, I think it might be just a little cold!  Watch for the updates on Facebook  if there will be canoeing this weekend.  Also don’t forget about the Mohican Wildlife Weekend and Jack Hanna’s Animals at the Wolf Creek Grist Mill this weekend.

Even if you don’t go camping this weekend take a drive down to the Mohican Area/Wally Road and check out all the activities starting to happen in the area!  And if you do drive down make sure you stop in at Smith’s Campground and say Hi!


Spring has Sprung?  SHS?  Really.  We are mowing the lawn, the trees are blooming but Saturday as I was working in the SPA I heard this ping, ping, ping against the window.  SNOW/ICE pelts.  NO NO NO NO it is the end of April.  April showers bring May flowers.  The only flowers so far have been the tulip bulbs that I forced inside.


George is cooking Pizza, beer is stocked so if you want to take a drive just to rid yourself of the never ending cabin fever cthis spring, come on down and eat some pizza and wings.  If you have not made your reservations for the summer come on down and pick out your sites for the summer.  We opened up those 15 river front sites this year on the lower end so groups have moved around which has opened up other sites.  If you know someone who has tried to get a river front site here for years now is their chance to get in.  Plenty of river front sites to choose from on the following weekends May 31-June 2 and Aug 23 – 25.  Limited number of river front sites on June 14-16 and Aug 16-18.  The other weekends there are one or two here or there on the other weekends.

Does your family have a reunion? NO then Plan your family reunion now! Let us help you plan your family gathering!

 “Make every day count. Appreciate every moment and take from it everything that you possibly can, for you may never be able to experience it again.” 

Here are my spring pictures so far!

First worm of the season!

Another tree blooms

Lilac tree by the house!

2013-04-11 11.06.14 Tree blooms

Since not much camping is going on here at the campground between the rain, swollen river and 28 degree mornings, I am just going to leave you with these pictures of SHS here at the campground.

As the blooming continues so will the pictures!

Happy Monday!  At least the sun is shining!