Spring HAS Sprung!!!!

Monday was one of those wonderful Ohio spring days.  The high was about 62.  Just cool enough that I needed a jacket but warm when you were in the sun!

The grass is growing before my eyes

The grass is growing before my eyes

I think the grass was growing right before my eyes, so I jumped on the Kubota and started mowing.  That is Keoni and I were mowing. If you do not know who Keoni is, he is my mouthy 2.5# Chihuahua that rides around in my shirt.

George just cringes when I mow because that is my thinking time and today was no different.  I wasn’t even on the mower an hour when the poor stump grinding guy – got the Amy has an idea!!!

Amy & Keoni mowing!

Amy & Keoni mowing! You can barely see his head sticking out of my jacket!

For 20 years we have cut trees down or the wind blew them down for us, but we never did any stump grinding.  So our wonderful contractor Steve Shriver (wonderful because he has remodeled the SPA and has endured me changing my mind on a few things!) recommend Seth McFadden to grind some stumps that needed removed before we pour the new concrete pads for the seasonal sites.

McFadden Stump Grinding - 567-203-7565

McFadden Stump Grinding – 567-203-7565

McFadden Stump Grinding – 567-203-7565 came in last week to quote to George the stumps that George wanted removed.  Well of course George just mentioned it in passing to me that Seth was coming today.   So bless his heart, Seth came in here today thinking he only had about a half days worth of work but what George didn’t think about was that the weather was nice, I came out of hibernation, me getting on the mower today and thinking about stumps.  So Seth spent the day here, cutting down trees and grinding more stumps.  What a nice young man with a wicked stump grinder!  I have more stumps that I think need to go but the Kubota will be happy with the ones that he took out today.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

And it is gone!

And it is gone!

I had lunch today at Trails End Pizza. While I was eating, I was checking out Facebook and what did I read but Mohican Adventures posted that they were sending rafts today, adults only but hoping by the weekend the mighty Mohican might be back to normal.  No way anyone was going to go rafting today, I thought.  But as I was mowing look at what when by me – a raft with some daring young souls.

Rafting on the Mohican River

Rafting on the Mohican River

They seemed to be having fun!  But I guess my old age is creeping in, I think it might be just a little cold!  Watch for the updates on Facebook  if there will be canoeing this weekend.  Also don’t forget about the Mohican Wildlife Weekend and Jack Hanna’s Animals at the Wolf Creek Grist Mill this weekend.

Even if you don’t go camping this weekend take a drive down to the Mohican Area/Wally Road and check out all the activities starting to happen in the area!  And if you do drive down make sure you stop in at Smith’s Campground and say Hi!


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