Mohican – The Long View

Timothy McKee has made other video about the Mohican area.  This one will give you the history as to how the Mohican State Forrest came to be.

Watch and learn a little history about our great area!

Mohican – The Long View – from Timothy McKee


It is November!!!!


It seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that I wrote about the cows floating down the river and now here I am writing about the season being over.

WOW where did this summer go…….

To see where the summer went I decided to go back through our Facebook page and see what I had posted.

20th anniversary year – April

Cows swimming down the river – May

Top ten things to do while staying at Smith’s – May/June

Beautiful weather, High water no canoeing, low water-canoeing, Rain, fun at the campground despite the rain, zip line fun all summer long  – June

Rain, Fishing, Floods, high water, no canoeing most of July, beautiful weather, a wedding the day after the flood,  THINGS to Do in the area when the river is closed,  Camping fun despite the weather – end of month finally river fun – July

Finally river fun and nice weather – AUGUST

Fishing, more OHIO fun pictures, beautiful weather – September

Fall colors, beautiful weather, chili cookoff/trick or treat, campground closes – October

What a great season!  Loved going back through the pictures and seeing all the great people who stayed with us this year!

Thank you!

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