Always know the path you are going down because you never know where it might take you…

Cows in the River

Cows in the River

Anyone who has ever camped here especially in the middle of the campground, sites 18-33, you know that the hill goes straight up on the opposite of the river, so how in the world did 12 cows make it down the hill tumbling into the river, only to float away.  No one will ever know!

Scott (the wonderful son-in-law!) was working in the grounds when he heard a noise.  A strange noise like something large was coming down the hill.  At first he thought the deer were crossing the river or maybe Big Foot was finally going to show himself here or maybe it is the spirit that has been chasing Luke (the helper bee) around the campground the last couple of weeks.

Nope it was 12 cows plunk plunk plunk into the river.

In case a missing cow report had been filed, Scott called the Holmes County Sheriff’s Department to report that 12 cows were swimming down the Mohican River. The river was alittle bit on the high side and the cows didn’t even have on their life jackets!  The Sheriff’s Department asked Scott if he knew whose cows they were.  No, Scott said, that is why he was calling the Sheriff’s Department.  He called a farmer who lives a few miles away from here on top of the hill  but got no answer.  So the mystery of the cows continued until today when Scott finally told me the cow story and I said well we have to post this to Facebook to see if anyone knows where the cows came from.

Social Media is a crazy thing.  As I am writing this blog, the video was posted to Facebook.  It was liked and shared multiple times in a matter of a couple of hours and the mystery of the cows is slowing unraveling.  We still do not know who the cows belong to, but from what we understand they were rounded up and are safe.

My sister’s dog ran away a couple years ago and through the power of Facebook the dog was found.

Lost cows, lost pets, lost people the power of social media is unreal!  Social Media is the quickest way to get the word out.  Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts and Missing Person alerts I hope that anyone who is in that situation posts there first because it is crazy how quick a post can become viral.

As I get more information about the cows I will keep you posted.  Maybe I can get an interview with the lead cow as to why it led it’s herd down that path.

The moral to this story always know the path you are going down because you never know where it might take you!


No April fool’s joke here, 20 years of business!

This is our 20th April owning the campground. As this winter has dragged on and on and on, I vividly remember our first winter here on the river. We were remodeling the house down on the river for us to live in. The Holmes County Engineer had torn out the single lane railroad bridge over the river. We had to drive around the “hills” to get in and out. George had to take and pick Kim up from school every day because the bus wouldn’t come around to pick her up. He had 4 wheel drive and I was driving a big maroon conversion van that didn’t do real well on the snow. The county had promised us that the bridge would be open by Memorial Day weekend, which they did about a week before Memorial Weekend. But the biggest surprise from our first winter here, was the April snow fall. All 12″ inches of it in one night.

It was around the middle of the month and we were getting ready to move into the house from the cabin that we stayed in all winter. They were calling for snow overnight but who would have known the sight we had the next morning. Snow everywhere made us wonder what were we getting ourselves into going into business for ourselves. Who would have thought after that first winter; no bridge, lots of snow and living in a 800 square foot cabin, we would still be here 20 years later!

In the past 20 years we have gone with several different business models; any campers to overnight campers to seasonal campers to campground/canoe livery campers and now back to overnight campers. We have tried several different mixes of types of campers. What have we found out? We ENJOY all the different types of campers who have touched our lives over the past 20 years.

We have watched many kids grow up here. Whether they only camped once a year to seasonal camper kids. Now some of those kids are back, camping with their kids. We are seeing another batch of kids now with our granddaughters and the friends that they are making here every summer. This continues to be such a joy and honor to us, that 2nd generations of families want to come back and stay with us and let their kids experience the “Mohican River” at our place.

Over the past 20 years we have survived floods, tail winds of tornadoes, hail storms, rain storms, winter storms and more floods but we are still here. All held together by our wonderful family; George, Amy, Kim and Scott Smith. And yes Scott is a Smith by birth! He did not take Kim’s last name when they married and our granddaughters are pure bred not imbreds!!!LOL We have had our ups and downs, joys and fights that come from a family who works, lives and plays together but we are always a family. We are blessed to have my 86-year-old father with us at the campground and Kim and Scott’s 2 beautiful 9 and 3-year-old daughters. The most important thing in the world is your family. THANK YOU to my wonderful family!

So this, our 20th year of business, we THANK YOU! Every one of you who either camps here or has camped here these past 20 years. To those of you who stop in our store, THE LANDING, while canoeing down the river or while camping at another campground, THANK YOU. And to those who have never been here before but have been reading my blog, THANK YOU.
We appreciate you supporting a family owned and operated business in this wonderful country that we live in, the United States of America.

So the next time you are in the Mohican/Amish area of Ohio, Stop in and say hi, so we can tell you,

Our sign at the beginning of Wally Road near St Rt 3.

 Our sign at the beginning of Wally Road near St Rt 3.

Sign at bridge

Sign at bridge

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